FOMOStake Review — BNB Scam

Searching for a real FOMO Stake review? Want to know the truth if FOMO Stake is a scam or is FOMOStake legit? Yes, it’s a 100% HYIP scam. It’s just a BNB smart contract HYIP Ponzi scheme that promises an unsustainable and unrealistic daily ROI percentage.

These new BNB smart contract scams rarely last past 1 month are extremely High Risk.

The smart contract always gets drained of all its BNB and collapses.

FOMOStake promises a 5% — 8% daily ROI with a 3 level deep referral compensation plan.

A smart contract can still be a SCAM, even if the smart contract is verified by

A smart contract simply can not pay BNB if there is no BNB to pay.

Read on for the rest of this FOMOStake review:

FOMOStake is just a copy cat clone of BNBStake. Read our BNBStake Review.

FOMOStake is just another HYIP PONZI SCAM that uses the Binance Smart Chain system (Smart Contract).

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. A high yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high returns on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.

Who are the owners/creators of FOMOStake? The owners are anonymous and there is no company information on their simple 1-page website.

The domain was privately registered and Dynadot for only 1 year on March 16th, 2021. A shorter 1-year registration term usually means they know this project will not last 1 year.

These HYIP Smart contract ponzi scams usually only last 1–2 months.

Verified and audited smart contracts are NOT scam-proof. promises returns from 5% to 8% daily

Basic inflation rate: For every 24 hours, interest rate increases by 0.5% with no maximum while withdraw time decreases by 0.5 day, minimum day is 5 (19 days after project launched) and it will stay 5.

For example on day 4, plan 1 daily profit = 8 +(4–1)*0.5 = 9.5%, withdraw days= 14-(4–1)*0.5=12.5 days , new daily profit=9.5*14/12.5=10.64%. For plan 4, total return stays the same as 14 days while time reduce to 14-(4–1)*0.5=12.5 days.

Terminate stakes: Investors can terminate their stakes and get 80% of their fund back while the remaining goes into the pool. (plan 1,2,3 are not allowed to terminate after withdrawing interest).

Minimal deposit: 0.05 BNB, no maximal limit and you can have multiple deposits

Earnings every moment, withdraw any time (if you use capitalization of interest you can withdraw only after end of your deposit)

FOMOStake Investment Plans

FOMOStake has 2 types of investment plans with different time periods and percentages of profitability.

Plans 1–3 — Withdraw profit any time
* Plan 1 — (10.5 days) — 11.8% per day — 165% profit
* Plan 2 — (17.5 days) — 10.3% per day — 216% profit
* Plan 3 — (24.5 days) — 8.8% per day — 246% profit

Plans 4–6 — Withdraw profit end of plan ( use capitalization of interest)
* Plan 4 — (10.5 days) — 11.8% per day — 377% profit
* Plan 5 — (17.5 days) — 10.3% per day — 684% profit
* Plan 6 — (24.5 days) — 8.8% per day — 961% profit

FOMOStake has a 3 level deep referral compensation plan that pays commissions when you recruit others suckers into this obvious scam.


5% from each level 1 referral deposits
2.5% from each level 2 referral deposits
0.5% from each level 3 referral deposits

Yes, with 100% certainty FOMOStake is a scam and is NOT legit.

Note: You do not need to have a deposit to receive commissions from referrals.

Paying out up to 961% profit in 24 days is completely ridiculous is NOT sustainable.

It’s nothing more than a crypto Ponzi scheme money shuffle game with BNB.

FOMO Stake’s BNB smart contract is not to be trusted. These Ponzi smart contracts are still vulnerable and considered high risk. They can scam out easily and collapse anytime when everyone starts withdrawing.

As you can see below by this BNBStake smart contract balance example, this a perfect example of what happens when they drain the contract of all BNB.

Just because it uses thee Binance smart chain does NOT mean it’s safe or legit.

Ponzi pushers, crypto commission junkies and degenerates like Joshua Elder will push these scams to their gullible followers on Youtube and social media for easy commissions.

Be Smart…Don’t follow these scammers into obvious scams.

Soon, once the hype and recruitment slows down, the FOMO Stake ponzi scheme will collapse and the smart contract will be drained…. your money will be gone forever.

FOMOStake is another obvious, unsustainable BNB smart contract ponzi scam.

I hope you enjoyed this real FOMOStake Review and learned the truth.

Originally published at on April 1, 2021.




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